• See Now, Act Now
    See Now, Act Now

    We help health practitioners and patients get
    rapid blood test diagnostics and information
    for critical decisions when it matters most.

  • Designing Revolutionary Rapid Blood Testing Diagnostics,
    Designing Revolutionary Rapid Blood Testing Diagnostics,
    For Revolutionary Rapid
    Front-Lines Medical Decisions.
  • Simplify real-time blood <br />testing, for everyone, <br />everywhere.

    Simplify real-time blood
    testing, for everyone,

The Mission

PixCell is transforming blood testing

The HemoScreen platform can perform highly complex blood tests, currently confined to high-end labs, in a simple, portable poc instrument. Making such blood tests extremely accessible, will enable early detection of the most critical health issues and thus save lives.

The Product

  • HemoScreen™

    A portable Point of Care blood test analyzer that makes the most common testing simple and accessible anywhere.

The test is exceptionally effortless to perform and takes only 5 minutes.

It includes 3 simple steps:
sample draw cedited light

1 Draw Blood Sample

sampler insertion rendered light

2 Insert Sample into Cartridge

cartridge insertion

3 Insert Cartridge into Reader

  • Smart Disposable

    Ensures sample preparation is automatic and includes all necessary reagents.

  • The Technology

    PixCell’s technology harnesses microfluidics, Lab-On-A-Cartridge and AI to solve a decades old problem. The method employs a new physical phenomenon: Viscoelastic Focusing that causes cells to focus as they flow facilitating their optical analysis.

In the Pipeline: Machine Vision, AI and Microfluidics unravel new diagnostic capabilities

Applying Machine Vision, AI and Lab-On-A-Cartridge to in-vitro diagnostics make the HemoScreen™ a versatile platform for poct, that makes heart failure, cancer and infection-related assays easily accessible.

Awards & Recognition

  • FDA

    HemoScreen Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance making it the first Cartridge Base True Point of Care Hematology Analyzer that brings critical tests to the doctor’s office

  • HORIZON 2020

    PixCell had been awarded $3M by the European Innovation Commission to expedite the HemoScreen commercialization and disrupt the POC Hematology diagnostics market

  • ce

    The HemoScreen receives CE mark for use in the European Union.

  • award

    PixCell’s HemoScreen has been selected for display at the Israel Innovation Expo first cohort at the Peres Center for Innovation and Peace

Clearance & Certifications

  • FDA
  • CE
  • dekra
  • TGA
  • intertek- logo

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