Revolutionizing Healthcare Access on Pitcairn Islands with HemoScreen

  • PixCell Medical
  • 13 Jun 2024

Pitcairn Island, famously the most remote human settlement in the world, presents unique healthcare challenges. With a population of around 50 residents and located over 3,000 miles from the nearest hospital in New Zealand, Pitcairn faces significant hurdles in accessing quality and timely medical care. The island’s isolation means that healthcare providers must rely on limited resources, making routine and advanced diagnostic tests a luxury. Medical emergencies and the need for comprehensive blood analysis add to the strain, highlighting the critical need for reliable, point-of-care diagnostic solutions.

In response to these challenges, the deployment of the HemoScreen point-of-care CBC analyzer on Pitcairn marks a transformative step in improving local healthcare. HemoScreen stands out as the only 5-part differential hematology analyzer capable of operating efficiently in such a remote setting. Unlike traditional CBC analyzers, HemoScreen does not require a laboratory environment, ongoing maintenance, periodic calibration, or reagent restocking, which are typically infeasible in isolated locations. Its user-friendly design ensures that even non-specialist healthcare workers can perform comprehensive blood tests, delivering lab-quality results within minutes.

Nurse Darralyn Griffiths of the Pitcairn Health Centre has stated regarding the integration of HemoScreen:

“The HemoScreen has made life here in our Health Centre more reassuring and able to present results that we need in a right now moment, so we know what path to take in the treatment and care for our patients.
I’m not a trained laboratory personnel but it is so easy to use, the guidelines provided are clear and very easy to follow. I would recommend this excellent piece of equipment to any facility that’s isolated and needs point-of-care results instantly.”

Rural remote CBC hematology clinic in Pitcairn

The introduction of HemoScreen on Pitcairn Island highlights its exceptional suitability for remote healthcare applications. By providing immediate, accurate blood diagnostics, it empowers local medical staff to make informed decisions quickly, potentially saving lives and enhancing the overall quality of care. This deployment not only showcases HemoScreen’s technological innovation but also its profound impact on remote medical practice, setting a new standard for healthcare delivery in isolated communities worldwide.



We extend our sincere gratitude to nurse Darralyn Griffiths and the dedicated team at the Pitcairn Health Centre for their commitment to improving healthcare on the Pitcairn Islands.

(*) Please note: PixCell Medical is not associated with the Pitcairn Medical Center, nor did it take part in evaluating or selecting the device. The Pitcairn Medical Center independently evaluated and selected HemoScreen, and purchased the device in full. To the best of our knowledge, there is no conflict of interest in the opinions expressed above.

(*) Please note: training must be defined by local, state and federal regulations. In the USA, training is defined for CLIA moderate complexity devices.