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The FastPath Lab-on-a-Cart

  • PixCell Medical
  • 18 Dec 2023

In the dynamic healthcare landscape, a game-changing solution has emerged to revolutionize patient care. Developed by Werfen, FastPath is a cutting-edge lab-on-a-cart designed to bring diagnostic testing directly to the patient’s bedside.


The Need for Efficiency

In emergency departments, the increasing influx of chronic and elderly patients necessitates a shift towards more efficient diagnostic processes. The traditional patient flow, involving multiple visits for consultation and diagnostics, often leads to prolonged waiting times and delays in treatment. FastPath aims to transform the traditional patient journey, offering a streamlined experience that prioritizes prompt diagnosis and treatment.

At the heart of FastPath’s capabilities lies the HemoScreen CBC Analyzer, a state-of-the-art device that plays a pivotal role in immediate point-of-care diagnosis. This compact yet powerful analyzer ensures that complete blood count (CBC) tests can be conducted swiftly and accurately, contributing to the overall efficiency of the FastPath solution. As HemoScreen is the only portable CBC analyzer, able to be moved around without the need for calibration, FastPath is the most complete mobile lab solution that can also provide near-patient CBC.

Key Features of FastPath

Lab-on-a-Cart Convenience: FastPath’s mobility brings the entire diagnostic laboratory directly to the patient’s bedside. The inclusion of the HemoScreen CBC Analyzer expands the range of tests that can be performed, providing comprehensive insights into a patient’s health status.

Designed for easy navigation and powered by a reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), FastPath guarantees uninterrupted functionality and easy navigation across hospital wards.

The HemoScreen CBC Analyzer integrated into FastPath enables immediate point-of-care CBC testing. This not only expedites the diagnostic process but also enhances the overall effectiveness of healthcare delivery.


Benefits Across Different Settings

FastPath, with the HemoScreen CBC Analyzer, offers numerous advantages across various healthcare settings, including:

  • Emergency Departments: Accelerating CBC testing for faster diagnosis and treatment of critical conditions.
  • Wards and ICUs: Facilitating bedside CBC testing for patients unable to visit a centralized laboratory.
  • Outpatient Clinics: Streamlining CBC diagnostics for routine check-ups and follow-up appointments.


FastPath, powered by the exceptional capabilities of the HemoScreen CBC Analyzer, exemplifies a commitment to patient-centric healthcare. Together, these innovative solutions redefine the standards of diagnostic efficiency, promising a future where on-the-spot CBC testing becomes an integral part of elevating patient care.


(*) Please note: training must be defined by local, state and federal regulations. In the USA, training is defined for CLIA moderate complexity devices.

(*) FastPath is curently only marketed in Spain and Portugal