USA Distribution Partnerships

  • PixCell Medical
  • 04 Apr 2024

In a move set to revolutionize point-of-care diagnostics, PixCell Medical has established distribution agreements with three major players in the healthcare industry: Henry Schein, MedLine Industries, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. These strategic partnerships mark a significant milestone in PixCell Medical’s mission to make advanced diagnostic technology readily available across the United States.


By teaming up with Henry Schein, a global leader in healthcare solutions, PixCell Medical gains access to an extensive distribution network that will make the HemoScreen analyzer easily accessible to healthcare providers nationwide. MedLine, a prominent medical supply distributor, will play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless access to PixCell Medical’s innovative diagnostic technology for healthcare facilities of all sizes. Additionally, Thermo Fisher Scientific, renowned for its scientific expertise and comprehensive product offerings, will contribute to broadening the reach of the HemoScreen analyzer within the scientific research and laboratory community.

The HemoScreen analyzer’s compact design and user-friendly interface make it ideal for various healthcare settings, including clinics, emergency departments, and laboratories. With rapid results and enhanced workflow optimization, the HemoScreen analyzer promises to streamline diagnostic processes and improve patient care outcomes.


These distribution agreements underscore PixCell Medical’s commitment to fostering strategic partnerships that drive market penetration and enhance customer reach. Through these collaborations, PixCell Medical remains dedicated to advancing healthcare delivery by making cutting-edge diagnostic technology accessible and affordable across diverse healthcare settings.


Read the latest press release announcing these new partnerships here. Stay tuned for further updates and developments as PixCell Medical and its partners continue to revolutionize point-of-care diagnostics across the United States.

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