Radiometer AQURE POC IT Driver for HemoScreen

  • PixCell Medical
  • 05 Oct 2023

PixCell Medical is delighted to announce a significant advancement for HemoScreen users – the introduction of a brand-new connectivity driver that facilitates seamless integration with the Radiometer AQURE POC IT solution.

With thousands of organizations from over 50 countries using it, the AQURE POC IT solution is a cutting-edge digital service designed to connect and manage a network of POC devices. It focuses on centralizing control, optimizing workflow, and ensuring quality assurance, all while saving valuable time for healthcare professionals.

HemoScreen users now have the power to effortlessly connect their analyzers to the AQURE-based network, opening up a world of possibilities, including:

  • Centralized Control: AQURE offers a central access point, that allows for efficient management of quality control, device oversight, operator competencies, and sample workflow.
  • Workflow Optimization: The AQURE-driven solution streamlines workflow management, ensuring high uptime and efficient quality assurance processes. The result is a significant reduction in time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Quality Assurance: HemoScreen users can rely on AQURE to maintain the highest standards of quality assurance, simplifying compliance with regulatory requirements, preparation for inspections, and the resolution of any technical issues that may arise.


We are constantly working to add more connectivity options and drivers to streamline integration within healthcare networks. This latest AQURE driver adds to our growing list of supported drivers, including the Orchard Software® and Siemens Healthineers POCcelerator®.

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